Rail Steel - International Standards

Our Chosen manufacturer, with an annual output of 600,000 tons of rail, is the biggest rail maker in China and also one of the most productive rail makers in the world with the widest range of rail profiles and specifications available.

The development of rails from 37.2kg/m to 75kg/m with tensile strength ranging from 880 Mpa to 1300Mpa, this rail features high tensile strength and excellent wear resistance.

One of the most advanced rail production lines in the world, capable of producing rail to the highest world standards. High purity, high accuracy, high straightness and high surface quality in lengths of 100m to serve a running speed up to 350km/h.

Some of the intrenational Standards manufactured areĀ  U.I.C, B.S., A.S/N.Z, E.N and Arema