Photovoltaic Support System

Flexible prestressed photovoltaic support galvanized strand and system accessories

Silvery Dragon manufactures 12.7mm, 15.2mm, 15.7mm, 17.8mm and 21.6mm 1860MPa and 1960mpa hot dipped galvanised (aluminium alloy) prestressing strand for the application of long-span flexible photovoltaic supports (unbonded). Also providing the anchor clamps, galvanized support and pull rod accessories to form a photovoltaic support system for large areas from 10-100m. The system is designed to meet the requirements of photovoltaic power generation applications for projects in the agricultural, fishing and animal farming sectors etc. The raised system allows for the land underneath to be continually used adding greater benefits to the client. 

Silvery Dragon can also provide installation services if required.