P.C. Steel Strand Wire

Mainly used as auxiliary reinforcing tendons for concrete structures such as Pre-stressed concrete girders for railway, highway bridges and flyovers, rock and earth anchoring construction and multi-floor high rise buildings. We have 8 PC strand production lines with a total output exceeding 150,000MT per year at our disposal. As one of the biggest PC strand producers, our manufacturer was the first Chinese company to export and are now the biggest by volume exporter in China, exporting to 63 countries. Some of the largest civil infrastructure projects in China incorporate wire produced by our manufacturer.

Since 2014 United Industrial has supplied in excess of 10,000MT of PC Steel Strand Wire products into the Australian market for the production of pre-stressed concrete bridge beams and piles, concrete noise barriers and post tensioned steel applications. All of our PC Steel Strand Wire is manufactured and tested in accordance with AS4672, ACRS certified (Certificate No.100504) and approved by all Australian State Main Roads Departments.

United Industrial is the proud Distributor for our manufacturer "Silvery Dragon PC Steel Products Group Co., Ltd" for Australia, New Zealand The Middle East and Africa.

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1x3 PC Strand Wire

1x7 PC Strand Wire

Spiral Ribbed Strand Wire

1x7 PC Strand Galvanised